Friday, August 31, 2012

Still a few Summer days left!

In the midst of running to Target, Staples, and Tilly's (plus few more stores) I had to stop and say wait it's still summer right????  So lets have a Hawaiian shaved ice for the first time! It was so yummy! The kids loved it and it was a great break in the middle of the crazy shopping day.  A great moment to feel the warmth of the air as we ate a refreshing cool treat.


Thursday, August 30, 2012

In the Quiet Moments!

In the past weeks I have had some quiet moments with the Lord. It happens as the sun rises and the fresh morning is slowing approaching. They have been moments that the Lord has revealed so many things to me.  It has been amazing. He has shown me things in my dreams and in prayer. I have been WOWED by God. I feel so blessed that sometimes God calls us and quietly whispers to us.  In these past few months I have been called to pray very specific things over my husband, my daughter and my son.  He has revealed my own heart to myself and has shown me what I need to change. (not always the easiest thing in the world) I love that in these past few months the Lord has shown me a side of my husband that I have fallen in Love with and I thank God every day for blessing me with him.  I am so excited for this fall and ready for this new school year.  Excited to see God use my daughter in her school. Excited to see my son grow and mature in Him.  Thankful for these quiet moments.  Looking forward to many more.  

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Good Bye Elementary School!

In 3 weeks my daughter will start her first year as a Middle school student.  It was bitter sweet saying good  bye to Elementary school.  We feel so blessed to be part of such an amazing school.  I cried like a baby.  I feel like we just sat in Kindergarten orientation with Mrs. Buxton and so scared to let her go.  But at the same time I have been so blessed to watch  her grow into such an amazing  girl who has a heart that is larger then life for her friends and family and most importantly her heart for Jesus! She is a bright star that I know will succeed in all the she puts her mind too.  I pray that these next three years of Middle School are amazing! I am excited for this journey that we get to walk along with Alexis in and be her parents and see all that God has planned for her LIFE!!!

The 5th graders sang for us! And clapped for their parents as a thank you!!

Her class

Clapping out my girl out of 5th grade!!

So proud of her!!!

That is a Big Tear rolling down my face!

She is so funny!!

A little bit of sunshine!

I love fresh flowers! They brighten my day! They make me smile. They greet me all over the house! For me sometimes all I need is a little bit of gerber daisies to make my day.  I love it when my husband walks through the door with flowers  in hand for me.  He knows that they make my heart happy even after 14 years of marriage he still does it and I love it.  They warm my house and bring comfort to my visitors.  I highly encourage you to spend $5.00 at Trader Joes and treat yourself to some flowers.  Spread them all over your house and have a happy week.  I am so thankful for each new day that the sun rises and I get to be with my family and friends.  These pretty little things add to my day!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A little bit of summer captured in pictures!

Lunch and Color me mine!

Beach club trips!

Spending sunny days together

Pool fun with friends


OC fair and seeing Chef Robert Irvine

OC fair to see Fusion Beat

Love my GIRL!

Mom Reading and kids playing!

VBS fun!

Visit with Friends!

LOVE my friends!

Las Vegas FUN!

Birthday FUN!

IHOP Breakfast fun!

CAMP fun!! 


Ice cream 

OH lala Date fun!

Morning Coffee. Kids sleeping in!

Being creative at home!