Friday, December 31, 2010

My personal Calendar

The Front!!!
The Back
So I am getting the year ready and super excited to start it off with my new Calendar. Designed and made by Creative Nest Designs.  Amanda has amazing designing skills and I am so blessed by her friendship too!  She has designed several things for me this past year.  My business cards, my cd covers for my clients, my Christmas cards and now my 2011 personal Calendar.  I love it!! When you get a chance check out her site.  Also stay tuned for more exciting things to come from her.

Chela ...

Week by week!

The whole month!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Creating a new surrounding.

SO one of my new Goals for the new year is getting rid of clutter all around the house.  I also feel that Once this is done it will be so much easier to maintain my home.  My goals are getting longer and my list seems endless of the things I would like to see what happens in my home.  I have been so crazy busy for the past three months with my Photography business that my house and everything around it have suffered.  Now I am focusing on it.  I am dedicating the whole month of January to creating this new space for me and my family.  It is a process and takes a great deal of diligence to keep it up, but I am going to make it happen and make life a lot easier on me and Jimmy and the kids.  So I started in the Living room and the Kitchen and Dining room and my computer table/ work area.  I feel like if these things are in order then my day to day life things will be so much easier ( I know all you organized junkies are saying DUUHH well if you know me well you know that this does not come to me easily) So follow along with me as I work my way through my house and get it under control and keep it that way.
Chela ...

My Mantel clean and clutter free!

My Family picture that I love!

Special sayings and verses fill my house with encouragement for all!

Yeah a clean Kitchen with clutter free counters and no dishes! Goal is to always keep like this.

School paper work and other school things and bills hang out here!

My coffee corner!

My work space

Keeping it neater and clutter free so I can get more done!


 Staycation Okay so for the past few months Jimmy has been working crazy long hours, and Saturday nights.  We have missed him and have missed doing some fun family things.  So this week he took off!!  Yeah and we have had a staycation! We have slept in everyday, went to the movies, lunch dates, time at papas workshop, and just late nights watching movies and spending time with friends! It has been awesome! I have missed him so much and it is so nice to have him home for ten days! We are very thankful for his job. But it is so nice when he gets to be with us all day for many days at a time.  Now that he has been at Universal Studios for so long he gets 3 weeks of vacation time and we love it! We are looking forward to our camping trip in January back out to the desert for some more fun riding and family time.  I always tell him that I love Vacation Jimmy!  

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The quiet moment

Today was so nice! (Thank you honey.)  He left the house around 8:30ish with the kids  and I had the day to myself.  So during this time I had some much needed time with the Lord.  As I sat and prayed and wrote out my goals for Marisela Photography I focused on what God wants for my business.  It felt so good! I love these moments when I can sit and focus on what God wants and not what I want.  I feel so blessed by this time.  Thankful for these moments I look forward to seeing what God does through me and through my business this year.

I am so happy that I had this day I feel like I am getting a jump start.  Yeah since that is rare for me.

Monday, December 27, 2010

The New Year is coming!

I don't make Resolutions! I make goals so this week I am really thinking about my goals and Priorties that I will be focusing on for the new year.  Stay tuned! Looking forward to this new year.  I know that the Lord has so many great and new things in store for us!


This Christmas was my favorite in a very long time.  The house seemed perfect and it was so nice to wake up in the morning to this and have my quiet time with the Lord as I sat in this peaceful place.  I feel so blessed to have this home and love that it is the place where my family is and where life happens.


This past Thanksgiving we Headed out to the Desert and had a blast! Over the summer we purchased a toy hauler something that we have wanted for a very long time.  We prayed about it and just waited for the right time.  Well tada it happened!  So our first trip out was Thanksgiving week and we headed out with 7 other families that we had never met before, except one.  We were so excited to go on this adventure! Well we had such a great time that I think it will be the Williams new Thanksgiving tradition.  It was so nice to just hang out with so many great people enjoy the week riding and having fun!  We are so thankful for new friends and new traditions!