Saturday, January 21, 2012

A weekly reminder For Alexis!

Weekly writing a verse for Alexis at the top of her new Planner.  So when she is at school writing down her things for school she is reminded daily of Gods word for her.

She picked it out and this is the front of it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Instagram Wednesday!!

Cuddle time with my little Guy on a Sunday afternoon

Watching my little girl play arena soccer!! She rocks!

Yes at the pool on a weekday in the month of January.  It was 85 degrees.


Mommy had a girls night out! It was awesome! Got home at 2 am.

Game time!
Cuddle time with Paityn

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Just 12 years old......

Just 12 years old and 50,000+ know her life story.  A little Girl that was not afraid to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  A little girl that went boldly before others and shared Christ’s love.  Her Name is Jessica Joy Rees.  I have been following her on facebook and we also live in the community she does so many people around here know her personally.  I have read her updates on her chemo and I have looked at all her pictures as she fought this battle.  I have prayed for her and her family and I have found great JOY in seeing what she has done for others.  Today she passed away and two things have been racing in mind and Heart.  
  • How overwelming that pain must be to lose your child.  Just the thought of it takes my breath away. My heart is broken for her Mom and Dad. 
  • Also on my Heart WOW!!! She ran into the arms of her maker.  She was greeted with, “Job well done my good and faithful servant. “ She is whole again and suffers no pain, but great JOY!!!   
AS I followed this little Girl her faith was so unbelievely strong in Christ! I know many lives have been changed because what she has stood for.  Now I ask myself this question.  I am 35 years old and how am I reaching the lost?  How am I spreading the JOY? What is it that I can do for HIM? We all are running this race.  What are you running for?  I pray when I cross that finish line he will say the same to me. 
My prayers are with the Rees family.  I have never met them and I pray that one day I will. I know that Jessica’s life and testimony will live on for many years and that her JOY will be spread to the ends of the earth.  I pray that I am laying those foundations for my Children that Her mom and dad did for her.
Her Parents left this song on her wall and I  listened to and Cried for so many reasons.  Watch the first Video and then watch the second of the song.

The Words take your breath away!!! 
How and What are you going to do to make it different this Year?

Jessica was just 12 and she was about her Father's buisness! Her Heavenly Father!
Just like Jesus said at 12 years old that he MUST BE about his Father's Business!!!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rest, Be still, and Rest

WOW!!! As I have been working on my New Goals for the new year I kept asking God what does he want me to focus on.  I kept asking and what kept coming back was rest, be still, slow down, enjoy the season! For those of you who know me well I GO all day long. I always have a long list of things to do and so many things I need to get done.  It may be school projects, or extra things out of school for the kids or way to many photo shoots scheduled on a already crazy day,  or just playing around on the computer or just cramming to much into a week.  As I sat down yesterday to have my quiet time I came across a book that I bought a while ago and just have not started it yet.  So I felt like this would be the season that I use it in my quiet times.  So as I opened the first chapter it is on resting! WOW really Lord I hear you!  I love how the author explains how us moms can get in this Routine of" Hurry up kids we have to get to the next thing." I was guilty of that.  I want to get all that I can in my day but at pace that I can fully enjoy it.  I love what the Author says here.
God will give every mom the Resources she needs to accomplish what he wants for her to do. In the meantime he says our over scheduled, undernourished lives get us nowhere- nowhere near his ideal for us.  Even as we sleep, cannot God who knows us inside out produce wisdom, rest, creativity and solutions if we rest in his provisions, not our own.

 Rebecca Barlow Jordan
I loved that.  It said it all for me.  I know that I just need to stop and not HURRY to the next thing and to the next and next.  Just make it to what I can and enjoy that time that I am there.  I also thought that it was so awesome  when I opened  my Bible and maybe God just wanted to bring it home with me about resting, but when I opened my bible to my devotion for the new year it was titled Rest and Receive.  AMEN! I do Lord I am resting and receiving what you have before me for the new year.  Last year I feel  it was a year of restoration and healing, and eye opening year to what God has before me and us as a family.  I am loving my quieter time and I am loving the pace of the day.  I want to gain more time in my relationship with others and my time where God has asked me to spend it.  
"It's useless to rise early and go to bed late, and work your worried fingers to the bone. Don't you know that he enjoys giving rest to those he loves?"
Psalm 127:2
Blessings in your New Year!