Friday, December 26, 2014

How God Moves Part One

Map of Mexico and Mexican Political Map
Missions trips! I have never been on a missions trip.  I hate flying, and to go into another country scared me. In April or May they were having a meeting at our church to talk about all the upcoming missions trips. Jimmy and Alexis wanted to go on one and Jimmy couldn't make it to the meeting so he asked me to go. I sat there and heard about the one that they were thinking about and then they came to the missions trip to Chiapas my heart started pounding and I started to cry! Yes I was crying in the meeting and I heard God speak to me and say you and Alexis are going on that trip. AAHHH what Lord? My heart was already there. So I told Alexis we were going! In June I got a job for the fall and realized oh shoot we can't go on our trip. I was so sad to tell Alexis because she was so excited to go. So I just dropped it. The trip was planned for the end October and it was already late August and a gentlemen asked me if we were going.  I was so sad to say no because of my new job. He challenged me and said if you really want to go ask for the time off and I will pay for one of your plane tickets! WHAT???  That started the ball rolling! I was able to get the time off. My new boss said I feel that this  is something God really wants you to do! In a matter of 2 months we raised $4,000 for both of us to go.

We had to gather all our things for our passports and get caught up on the meetings and find out what we needed to do. I was very overwhelmed.  When I get overwhelmed I usually quit and just give up on it.  This is something the Lord has been teaching me in this season. Just because it gets hard doesn't mean I need to quit. I need to be a fighter and the end result is always amazing when you push through the hard stuff.  I have seen myself quit in a lot of things or just not do a top notch job, but now I know that the hard stuff is good and it is shaping me into what God wants me to be.
I can't wait to share our trip that has changed my heart, my life and my walk with the Lord. I saw my daughter like I have never before and I know that God has called her to do BIG things! I am still trying to put into words how my heart feels about this trip. I miss the kids and people daily and look at the pictures  almost everyday! So it has taken me almost 2 months to process all that we experienced. I want to put it all into the right words. I can't wait to share!