Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer is Here

So excited for summer!! I love to plan out our summers I try to have some type of routine so that the kids will just know that on certain days we do certain things. Some of you were asking me how do I do it. How do I plan out our summers. Well I look at the calendar. I look at different activities that are free in our community and things that we can do together. I read a lot magazines and I love Family Fun they always have fun activities in there for home activities. I buy the kids a new spiral journal so that every other day they can sit and have quiet time and write about what they are doing this summer. So this a a brief glimpse of what our weeks look like in the summer.

Mondays: Beach Club Pack a lunch and hang out for a few hours

Tuesday : Moms group we meet at different locations every week.
Afternoon Quiet time/ Journal/ crafts @ Home

Wednesday: Free Movie (look up free movies in your area the Regal Website) then Library in RSM we are doing the summer reading challenge. Afternoon at the pool.

Thursday: Open to play dates and meeting up with friends/ Field trips/ Quiet time and journal

Friday: Cooking day/ quiet time and Journal

We will start this in July because we have family here visiting until the middle of July! So we are really excited for the summer. I want my kids to remember their summer days and have some memories to pass along to their kids.
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day!!!

WOW! I am so thankful for the man I married and husband that he is and the best daddy that he is. I can't beleive that we have two babies that are  6 and 8 already. We as a couple look at our kids and talk about the dreams and hopes that we have for our children. We make decsions for them and I am so thankful that God gave me such an amazing man that I get to share parenting with this man!! I watch him with our kids and I listen to what he says to them and I am so thankful that he has such a passion for these two. He has dreams for them and hopes and prays for them. What a great man of God I married. A man that will teach his children to walk in great character and have faith in the almighty. I am so honored to celebrate this day today with a Husband that deserves so much more. I love you baby!! I am so proud of the father that you are and I am so thankful that you follow our father in heaven for guidance and strength. Looking forward to see all the amazing things that are children are because of the great father they have had.
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

McCormick Seasons

Okay so I have been seeing these  on tv so I decided to try this one out.  It was super easy and it was nice to have all the spices right there and measured out and everything.  All I needed to do was buy the fresh stuff.  I loved it.  We made it with spanish rice and chips and Salsa.  Jimmy actually did not like it so I don't think I will be making this one again, but I will try the others.  

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our dinners this week!

Monday: Roast and potatoes and carrots

Tuesday: Fiesta Chicken and Spanish rice ( new recipe ) 

Wednesday: Tri-tip and baked potatoes and Aspargus and yummy green beans

Thursday: Pasta and Salad and french Bread


Saturday: Kitchen closed for mommy!

A little too much!!!

Well these past few months I have felt very overwhelmed.  Yes I know this has happened before and I am sure I have blogged on it but I have been  really feeling it these past two weeks and I get so frustrated with myself when I can't give my 100% behind something I do.  Everything has been awesome!!! Great things are happening in the Williams home, but when I wake up and don't know what day it is and can't figure out what I have to do that day that is a sign that I am overwhelmed!!!  When my kids projects are lacking and my laundry can't get folded and I don't  know what is for dinner and by 7:30 at night I am ready to drop I have to say it is time for a change.  Time to look at what needs to go and what can I change and how can I organize my life better.  (as for those of you who know me well I am not an organized person and this is a huge challenge for me.)   But when I do organize my life I see such fruitfulness and joy.  My desire is to be a better wife, mom and friend, a better Children's Pastor and photographer.  How can I???

So what did I do about all this you ask?  Well I brought it before the Lord.  I actually brought it.  I took things from around my house that would represent  each part of my life.  Picture of Jimmy and I.  This was for our marriage, a book of VBS and the Schedule this was CM, picture of my kids. my family and something that stood for my photography.   Laid them out and as I prayed for each thing I would hold them and hand them to God.  I am such a visual person and this helped me so much.  Well One of them being Children's Ministries.  I love Children.  I love the parents! I love just hugging on the kids and seeing God develop the kids into what Christ wants them to be. But with the growing children's ministries there comes times when you need more help!! SO praise God it came.  So thankful for Sean and Rachel and their amazing hearts, also Johanna  who said here I can help develop a team and she did and Tada it happened.  Praise God.  Then I have been praying for more time with my hubby and just us and tada it has been awesome!!!!  Then I prayed for my buisness and just what I need to do and WOW I have so many resources and help and business it blows me away!!! 

I am so Thankful for God's faithfulness he continues to to show me how much he loves me and what I need to do during this time is to fall to my  knees.  One of the things that I really want to do is pour into my friendships and I want my friends to  know how important they are to me and how much I love them so. So I want to make sure that we are having coffee or some type of quality time together.  Even if its going over and helping them with their kids I just want to be with them.  It is Stopping and saying," hey you are so important to me and want you to know that. "  So here are a few goals that I have for myself.   A few of them I want to see happen this week.  I just want to say Thank you to you all that have helped me and those of you who have prayed for me.  You are such a blessing to me and I am so thankful for you in my life.

My Goals
1. Get all the Laundry done a folded
2. Get the Closests organized
3. Get my Website up
4. Coffee and special time with friends
5. Dinners organized
6. Schedule of the kids summer and all the fun we are going to have.
7. Date nights with Hubby
8. Loving on our Kids @ The Bridge
9. Being a better mommy
10. Losing some weight!

Friday, June 11, 2010

12 years!!! Happy Anniversary

This past week Jimmy and I celebrated 12 years of marriage.  These past 12 years have taught me so much about life.  These 12 years we have seen what life is like to completely Trust IN Lord with our finances, our children and where to  live and our jobs.  We have seen the Lord change our hearts, and attitudes towards situations.  I have learned a lot through my husband.  He has taught me how to be a better communicator, to let things roll off my back, and to over all just be content with where we are.  He has shown me how much he loves me through how hard he works for us and that he wants to see each one of us succeed in our dreams.  I am looking forward to many more years and can't wait to see all the God has planned for us as a married couple.


New Jammies my new fav!!!

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Giving to others!!

Alexis and Eli are so excited to see all of their family this summer. Especially their cousins!! They have been saving money for Garrett and Katie to have when they get here. (they are missionaries in Mexico) A few months ago I shared with them that they wouldn't have spending money when they got here and Alexis said, "well mom we can save some for them." So I got out a jar and started putting change into it. Then they dumped their penny banks in it. They shared with their Grandma what they have been doing and she has contributed to the Garrett Katelyn fund. So tonight I told Alexis lets count to see how much you have for them. SO we sat down and counted and they have $120 for them. She is so excited to give it to them. So now they will have a little bit in their pockets. Looking forward to our visit with all of them. I am so proud of muy kiddos way to go guys!!! What a way to show Christ's love.
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