About Chela

Well the Williams Family was established On June 6th, 1998. Jimmy and I fell in love when were 18 and knew that we were made for one another. We have had an amazing journey and God has truly blessed us with Great Friends and family. After living in North Orange County, we decided to Head south six years ago and be a part of a church plant. This probably has been one of the most amazing things that we have ever done. It has been such a blessing to be a part of this church and to see where God has taken it, and where he continues to take it.We have been called to servanthood and love every moment it has. We are enjoying being parents. Our Kids make us laugh, cry, and sometimes we don't know what to do. Jimmy is an amazing man of God who loves his family and takes care of us. Me (Chela) I love taking care of my family, being a friend, and I love pastoring all the kids at the Bridge. Photography is something that I love doing because I get to capture moments that you never get back. Alexis is amazing little girl that loves Jesus. She has a sweet smile and a servants heart already! Eli is a little boy with a rough shell, but on the inside he is so gentle.

30 Things About Me (The Mom)

1. Since I was in the 6th grade I wanted to be in the ministry.
2. I am madly in love with my husband!
3. I Hate Laundry
4. I am a hopeless Romantic
5. I love to Worship God in my HOME.
6. I have 2 kids.
7. I have always wanted to be a stay home mom.
8. I rather go do something FUN then do homework or clean the house.
9. I wish I could cook like some of the chefs on the Food Network.
10.I need to have some type of quiet time daily.
11. I have to stop and rest.
12. I love to be with people and hear their story.
13. I love to Pray.
14. Shopping in my book is considered a sport.
15. I love to kiss my babies when they are sleeping.
16. I love the feel of my husbands hands on my back.
17. Thankful for my brother and sister.
18. Love that all my closest friends are complete opposites of me and they still get me.
19. I love to be goofy.
20. I hate math
21. I love to bake with my kids and make a mess in the kitchen.
22. I love photography and I am always looking for a picture.
23. I started to fly to the East Coast by myself when I was 8 to visit my Dad.
24. I hate flying.
25. I am a Children's Pastor
26. I like my jammies to match.
27. I love to sleep in.
28. I love the smell of babies
29. I enjoy going to the movies
30. I think I married the most amazing man ever!!

10 Things About Alexis (Sweet Girl)

1. She loves to be with her Daddy.
2. Learned how to Surf from her Dad.
3. Is amazing at Math
4. Wants to be a missionary and a Professional surfer
5. She loves her cousins and Auntie and Uncles so much.
6. She always thinks of others before she thinks of herself
7. Invites her friends to church all the time.
8. LOVES Vegis and Fruit more than candy and ice cream
9. Loves being a BIG sister.
10. Knows more of the Chefs names on the food network then her mommy.

10 Things About Eli (Little Dude)

1. He loves basketball
2. He can Hip Hop (and he has some moves)
3. He is a cuddle bug
4. Loves to move his toes all the time.
5. Hates shoes and socks
6. Loves baby feet
7. Enjoys learning new things in school
8. Loves to show God's love to his friends
9. A night owl
10. A great swimmer