Monday, June 24, 2013

Lead me! Journey of Marriage

I love my husband so much! We celebrated 15 years of marriage this past month.  So exciting! People ask WOW what's your secret? PASSION!!! Well that helps. It hasn't been easy we have our moments.  But I am so thankful that we have more happy and joyful moments then the rough ones! In the beginning of our marriage I said things that to this day I wish I never said.  These past 6 months have been really hard. In the midst of it all I have seen God's hand in it all! 

We are on a Journey! We went for a Jog the other day and as I was slowing down I was right behind my husband and as I watched this man that I have shared life with now for 17.5 years I heard the Lord speaking to me.  Do you see him in front of you leading you? Yes Lord I do. Do you see the curve and around that curve there are straight paths, there are hills and slopes. Part of the path is little rocky and another part of the path it is totally smooth. This is what your life with your husband is like.  You may have rocky moments, you may not see around the corner. You may have to go up a hill and it will  get tiresome and going down the hill is easy.  Sometimes there is a bump in the road but it isn't for long. The smooth part was great.  The Lord showed me that he gave me Jimmy to lead me.  As we were running this path I slacked a bit, but he was constantly checking on me.  Sending Lexi to give me water and at the end of this path he waited for me.  Christ was showing me that Jimmy is always taking care me, He is always making sure that I am provided for and sometimes He needs to wait for me to catch up. (FYI an attitude adjustment) Yes the spoiled brat in me comes out even at the age of 36! At the last part of the Jog we Ran together.  At this time God showed me that we are together in this Journey. (he did slow down a bit for me) Except  him as your Leader and let him lead you, but also know he is your partner, your best friend, the one you became one with and you will be together in this Journey. I feel so blessed to have this man of God and I love him with all my heart. God said, remember to pray for  him Daily! He is human and has human struggles too! He gets weary, tired, and stress from work can really pay toll on him.  So daily I have been laying my husband before the Lord.  I love that My God walks with my Husband daily. I just want to challenge you to pray for your hubby. Pray for him as he walks his daily walk.  We can't be with them all day everyday, but we can pray for them and their daily challenges! 


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My little man

AAHHH today started off with my son not wanting to get up, get dressed or eat breakfast!! In the moment I was so frustrated! Yes I will admit it there was some yelling and a spanking and crying! My little 9 year old son pushes me to my mommy limits! Any one been there?  After I dropped him off at school and he turned around and gave me that dirty look  I could see it in his eyes he was hurt! I sat there in the school parking lot defeated! Oh man did I handle this wrong Lord and did I just send Eli  off with a bad day.  I felt awful but at the same time frustrated that he acts this way.  I came home and sat on the couch and started my quiet time with the Lord. What do you know God met me right there on my couch! It was in a sweet phone call from one of Eli's teachers! My first response when she called was. "Hi what did he do now??"  Stephanie said back, "Nothing at all, actually I am calling to tell you that he did great and that we are so proud of him." She began to tell me all the great accomplishments that they have seen in him and that we may not see his academics always be right there on top but how gifted he is in the arts! "Like what?" I asked her.  She said, "well drama and drawing." I giggled to myself and thought this boy is just like me! She proceeded to tell me that he is unique and very special! She said I hope you don't take this the wrong way but I think you should pray over him daily, pray for his school and teachers. ( mind you this is a public school and she is sharing this with me) My heart exploded with JOY! I know that God has the best for my son.  I know that we will have challenges but I also know that I will see him become the man that God created him to be. I am his mom and God gave him to me for a reason!  I want the best for my son! I wish I could go back and change the morning, but I can't.  I can change my attitude and embrace him with love and ask God how I can discipline this little man.  I am amazed at how much he is like me and I am forced to look at myself and remember hard moments I had as a kid and things I wish my parents knew about me and how to love me and how to encourage me into to the right direction.  I am so thankful for those phone calls and those GOD moments! I am praying for Wisdom!! Wisdom as a mommy of a young man that one day with be a parent too!

Eli loves Albert Einstein and loves to dress up and be other people!

We love to celebrate him and his DAY!

He loves mind games! And he is GOOD!

Always funny!

Always makes me laugh!

Loves to wear hats!

His imagination is always in use!

Loves the finer things in life!

We never have a dull moment with him! He keeps us on our toes!

I love you son!