Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What consumes you?

These past 3 weeks I have been challenged to look at what consumes me and my time.  In April I was challenged during my quiet time to fast.  I have never fasted before and so I decided that I  would love to.  I asked the Lord what shall I fast.  He said Facebook and Instagram.  What? It was spring break and the Instagram girl that I am I wanted to share all the fun we were having on spring break. I also wanted to be obedient to the Lord. I ask the lord why those two things. Well those two things CONSUME your time.  So I did.  It was awesome! I felt like I had added hours to my day.  I was much more focused on other things.(my quiet time, exercising, time with friends, my business)  I wasn't on my phone every time I had free and every time I thought about it I would start praying.  On my heart during my fast was my husband.  I prayed for him.  Since that time I have had less desire to be on the computer.  I have had more time reading, organizing, and adventures with the kids.  Jimmy and I have had a great conversations in the evening while we are settling in for the night.  So my question to you is what consumes you? Is it the TV, a game, FB, IG, video games, pinterst, the computer, new apps, WHAT??
I am learning that I need to focus my attention in other places.  That my phone doesn't always have to be with me. I am not really missing out on anything, but I am gaining so much more. Yes I am still on FB and yes I am still am on IG but I am not letting it consume my time.  People don't need to know my every move and what I am doing.
I am so thankful that I came to this Revelation because I needed it.  I am excited to see all that God has before me and my family.