Sunday, January 5, 2014

God has a plan!

It's the New Year Praise GOD!!!! It has started off well.  Thankful for what God is already doing.  A few weeks ago I was shopping at Hobby Lobby are you surprised? I came across this awesome Verse that I have always loved and I wanted to buy it for someone.  Well there were two there and of course I bought both and they were two different verses.  I was inspired to give one to a friend that I love and the other one the Lord said to keep it. On January first I sat down to do my devotion and it was on Jermiah 29:11.  This verse has been  spoken over me since  I was young.   Last year I had some very key verses that I would run to, but this year God has daily pointed me to this verse! Remember that sign I bought and Lord said keep it.  Jimmy brought it in from the car a few days ago and as I looked at it it was Jeremiah 29:11. I smiled! This morning in Service Ryan quoted the verse again. Every time I hear it I hear God whispering to me. I HAVE A PLAN... As I have entered into this year I have literally have laid it all out before the Lord. Taking it one day at a time. Embracing whatever God has for me.  I am walking into this year with a few things that I offered before the Lord.  Here are some of them. A lot of them are my goals for the year too!

*Daily sit at Gods Feet
*I would love to get a part time job. I love my photography and it does well but I would love something  Monday-Friday.
*Getting back into doing more at our Church
*Spending quality time, and investing in my Friends
*Making my home a place of peace, and joy.
*Loving my Husband better making him feel my love in ways that he loves. Being respectful towards him
*Help and teach my children what a relationship with Christ looks like.
*Make dinner almost every night and eat as a family.
*Have dates with Alexis and Eli
*Not to be consumed with Social media (It really is a time sucker)
*At least one weekend away with Jimmy
*I would love for our family to have 3 family vacations this year (even if they are mini)
*Better sleeping habits
*Better eating Habits as a family

I am looking forward to this year! I know that there will be trials at times but I do know that I am armed

 and ready.  This Song by Hillsong speaks to me in such a powerful way I love it! Listen to it be encouraged and be prepared for what God is calling you to! I love how she says I am yours and you are mine! After the year of 2013 I want to go deeper, and I want my faith to go deeper. Listen to the Words I promise you will cry, and want to go deeper and experience GOD in way like you have never experienced GOD!! Do you want your faith stronger?  LISTEN and worship our Mighty GOD!!


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