Friday, July 6, 2012

Those storms!

I saw this quote and it made me think! Some storms in life can knock us down.  But how far are your roots? When I think of a storm I think of the loud thunder, crazy wind, and me stuck inside.  We usually have heard the forecast and knew it was coming so we buckle down.  But sometimes there are those crazy storms that hit you fast and hard and you are in the middle of the Flash flood.  What do you do then?

On a spiritual note I have had little storms in life that I thought I was totally prepared for.  I thought my roots went in deep  and I thought I could take it, but after the storm I realized I was so not ready for that storm to hit.  I walked away with some broken branches and I was stuck all alone!  I did hide in my house thinking I may be safer here.  I know that the deeper my relationship goes with the Lord the better I will stand in a storm.   I  have realized I should not be alone and I will reach out to those that I know will pray for me, and lift me up, and encourage me.  I may sway back and fourth a bit. I may get wet, but my roots are strong in the ground. Thankful that I have the word of God to plant my roots in!  Storms just make us stronger.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Eating better and Exercising!

Working out with Gayla In her home!!! 

A wrap that I put together.  All fresh Ingrediants. Lettuce, red onion, Avacado, tomatoe, Chicken

I mixed it with Brewhouse mustard and it was amazing!

Yummy with a tall glass of lemon water

Whey Protein shake.  Love it! Fresh strawberries, ice, Vanilla Whey, Greek yogurt, A splash of milk

My wrap

Seeing progress!

Dinner one night. Stuffed bell peppers

More progress! I have a waist!

Yummy! Fresh strawberries, blue berries and Greek yogurt and granola

The shake

Gayla taught us a class on cooking!

Love her!

Yummy Tomatoes with fresh basil and fresh Parmesan cheese and olive oil



We had fun!

Seeing more progress! I have 10 more pounds to go!
I love the workouts we do!
This one feels so good!!
You would think that I knew it was that easy.  Nope I didn't.  So at the end of April I started working out with Gayla and she also has been coaching me in how to eat better.  I LOVE it! I have introduced myself to so many new things and I have to admit I am in love with Vegis and fruits! I am listening to my body way more and I am starting to make better choices for my family and myself.   Since I started I have lost 9 pounds and have gained muscle and bone mass.  I have way more energy then before and I just feel amazing! We work out at the Lake and the park and I love being able to see myself do things I never thought I could.  I have been taking a few pictures here and there of the process of eating and exercising.  I am looking forward to living this way forever.  It's not a diet its a new way of living. If you want more info and would like to get some amazing recipes and exercise tips please visit her blog. Eat Love and Train