Thursday, August 28, 2014

Its a Raffle For Missions!

So today Alexis and I were brainstorming on ways we could raise our funds for our Mission's trip. Here is one of the ways we are raising the money. 
Alexis is having a raffle. 
Tickets are $10.00 
with your ticket you can win
 2 movie tickets 
 $25.00 gift card for Lucille's 
We will announce the winner on September 5th.  

Please go to to enter to win and read a little bit of her story. If you don't want to pay there please feel free to email me at
Please share on FB or IG. We would love to get the news out there. Also in the next week I will be having an Auction on IG for a photo session with 
Keep your eyes open for that auction! Thank you so much for helping us make this missions trip possible! Have a blessed day!


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