Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Over at I should be folding Laundry the theme of the week is warmth.  What is warmth to me!! I have a ton of things that are warm and what warms my heart so here are a few to share.
Love!!! Warms my heart and makes me feel warm!

Candles in my home make me feel so warm. I light them every night and many times in the middle of the day!

COFFEE!! Not only is what wakes me up it keeps me warm and cozy!

Eli made this heart today with his cheerios necklace and it made me feel warm  inside my heart!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Children's Books!

If I Could Keep You Little... I love children's books! When I was younger I thought that it would be so much fun to own my children's book store and have craft time and story time and just have fun!!  Well that was a dream I had.  

Now that I am a mommy I love to read these books! I bought this one for me.  I read it to my kids while they were sick and I almost didn't make it through.  I feel like they are growing up so fast.  Where has the time gone? But as I read this book it made me smile.  I know that all those fun things when they are babies are priceless and great, but what this simple little book showed me is that I have so much more to look forward to.  I Love watching them grow up and see them explore the world.  I love how their little minds work and the conversations that take place.  I love being their mom! I am so thankful that I get to be with them all the time and be a part of their daily routine.  So just taking it one day at a time and loving every minute of it! You can pick up a copy of this book at Target.