Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A night away is always good.

So this past weekend Jimmy and I went away with our church for a Marriage Retreat and it was awesome!!  I know that I married an amazing man but when we get times like this I am reminded on how amazing he is!  I will always remember praying for my spouse when I was in college, and I kept the list of things that I wanted in a spouse in my Bible and I prayed for it. TaDa the Lord answered my every wish and more.  Jimmy is such a hard worker and does this so that I can be home with the kids.  He goes over the top to make things happen and he is  a great daddy!!  As we sat there and prayed together I truly got to hear his heart. It was so beautiful.  This June we will celebrate our 12 year wedding anniversary and I can't believe that. These past years have been fabulous.  We have had two kids, purchased our own home, Jimmy has been promoted, traveled, invested in our church, made new friends and have deepened those relationships that we cherish.  It has been awesome!!!  So these are a few things that I thought about as we sat and listened to our guest speakers.  Thankful for what I have and thankful for what we are going to experience down the road.  I know that it will be rough at times but I also know that we don't walk this path alone.  Thankful that  God is the center of our marriage.

" A Cord of three strands is not quickly broken." 
Ecc. 4:12

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Monday: Easy night Salads and kids choice from Traders Joes

Tuesday: We are at the Angel Game 

Wednesday: Burritos

Thursday: Crock pot Fajitas and spanish Rice

Friday: ???


Sunday: Tradition- Pizza

Sweet Tea

McDonald's Sweet TeaOkay so I am addicted to Mc Donald's Sweet Tea.  Have you tried it??  I have been trying not to drink Coke so I have found something new. If you like sweet tea you will love this.  I hate Mc Donald's and we rarely eat there but I crave this sweet tea.  The Kids laugh at me every time we are out I have to get one and they are super cheap.  $1.00 and with tax $1.09.  So hey if you are out and would love something refreshing and not soda try it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Eli's lessons at the Skatepark!

Eli has been asking for skateboard lessons for a while now. He loves it!! We had his first one last week and it was successful. He wants to know why he can't go out there and be like the rest of the kids. I told him that it will take a lot of practice but he will be there soon. I am looking forward to seeing how much he learns in this month. I also can't wait for Jimmy to get out there with him. Way to go buddy!! YOU ROCK!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

So I planned really early this week and did all my shopping on Saturday. Part of it is I have a really busy week and I needed to get it done. Looking forward to our dinners this week!

Monday: Pasta and Caesar Salad, Fresh Bread

Tuesday: BBQ Chicken and Baked potatoes and Green Beans

Wednesday: Tri Tip Garlic roasted potatoes and Asparagus

Thursday:Enchiladas and Beans and Rice

Friday: Easy night

Saturday: Kitchen Closed

Sunday: Traditional  Jimmy's Pizza Yummers!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Break

So this past week has been Spring break for the kids.  We didn't have anything huge planned!!  To be honest I was so looking forward to sleeping in...  So nice!!  So we have had some fun days at the park, a few days at the pool and some time at the skate park. ( in the morning I turn the music on loud and we have a dance party) It has been such a nice relaxing week.  We have stayed up late watching movies the kids love that.  But it was so funny I think I have worn my kids out.  Tonight they went to bed and fell asleep so fast!!  We have had a lot of fun just being together.  I am so thankful that we get these breaks.  I think the teachers, parents, and kids need it.  Yeah for Spring Break!
Spring Break Ideas

Easter Egg Hunt

Sometimes Days like this seem exhausting, but then I take a look at my kids and they won't be like this forever.  So I love to take them out to fun days like this.  I love that our city offers all these great activites for free.  They had a ton of booths from fun balloon art and big blow ups and face painting and so much more.  We had a great time walking around and getting some ice cream and seeing a lot of friends all over the place.  Then to top off the fun day was the Easter Egg hunt.  So much fun!!  As I am watching my babies grow up so fast I am constantly reminding myself they won't be like this forever.  I love being their mommy and having the time I have with them.

Dying Easter Eggs

Okay so I love to do activities with my kids.  We are always doing art projects or cooking together or something like that.  Well believe or not this was the first year we have ever dyed Easter Eggs.  I made a promise to myself no matter how busy I get this season I will stop and do this with my kids this year.  So we DID yeah!!  On Good Friday we spent the evening dying eggs.  They loved it.  They loved how they can change the color of the eggs and all the neat colors that they can make.  It was a good night together and I am so glad that I stopped in the business of the weekend and had this night with my kids.