Thursday, February 20, 2014

Taking a time out

Thankful for times away with my family and friends! One of my prayers for this new year is that we as a family would have opportunities to go on small mini get aways.  I think it is really good for our family to stop in the craziness of our schedules and unplug and really have a great time! One of our family favorites it to go camping in the desert and ride dirt bikes, take fun rides with our friends and hang out by the campfire.  This time we had a lot of great families with us and it was just an awesome long weekend away.
The kids are keeping themselves entertained with a movie!

Excited to go for a ride in the rail! 

Alexis being a good big sister making sure her little brother is prepared! I think mommy needs one of these toys!

At night we let Chinese lanterns go!

since it was Valentines weekend I got Heart shaped ones!

Jimmy and Alexis

Getting ready to let them go!

Eli tried out my Quad.

So thankful for our friends that we have made.

Karissa such a sweetie!

The boys being boys!

He is such a cutie in all his gear

Alexis is mastering a bigger bike

The girls are out for a Ride

I love the sunsets out there! Our Camp Family!