Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I just can't pull it together!!

Well we are quickly approaching the end of July and I feel like I am still trying to make it a fun one for the kids.  I don't know if I put a lot of pressure on myself or what, but a lot of the things that I said I wanted to do with the kids this summer just have not happened yet.  We did enjoy a great vacation to Seattle. We had a fun fourth and Eli had a great Birthday.  But this past week I feel like aaahhh I can't pull it together.  I am sitting here thinking of  how I can change we do our days.  I feel a tad overwhelmed with...

  •  my business growing and doing photo shoots and meetings with clients ( totally a great thing)
  •  trying to get to the gym to work out 
  •  work on VBS for our wonderful preschoolers, 
  •  Being a friend to my friends and spending quality time with them. 
  •  Trying to make sure the kids have play dates with their friends.....
  •  Making sure the house gets cleaned ( but hey lets face it that is hard when the kids are home right?)

the kids playing mini golf with their cousins
Me and my Brother Erik

Eli's birthday ride at the Beach

Birthday Breakfast

love Daddy

My babies
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I need to get back to my writing down my daily task and back to what we do for that day.  I just want to make the summers so much fun for my kids.  Well we will see how the rest of this week goes.  We are getting ready to set out for the river on Sunday so that will be a blast.  Looking forward to the week with the family and friends.