Sunday, January 30, 2011

What makes me HAPPY!!! You Capture

This weeks challenge is HAPPY: I had fun capturing this!!!
I had a photo shoot at Disneyland this week and that is the Happiest place on earth!!

Watching my kids learn something new and seeing their smiles when they get it!!

Love her beautiful SMILE!
Have a great  and Happy Week! 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Standing in the Gap!!!! Prayer!!!

Today as I was listening to my worship music and enjoying my quiet time I was overwhelmed with Gods presence in my home.  Right now we know a few people that are suffering from injuries or illness' right now and  I was called to my knees to pray for them.  As I was praying the Lord spoke to me and ask me if I would Stand in the Gap? I said, "what Lord?" he replied, "the gap." I replied, "Yes I will stand in the gap for them because some of them don't have the strength or just physically can not do it right now. I began to pray for healing and as I prayed for healing the Lord said to me I want you  to pray for healing in these three areas.  Healing in Mind, body and soul.  Healing in Marriages, Healing in relationships and Healing of illness'. I want YOU to Stand in the Gap Chela!!!  There it was again.  All day he was calling me to his feet.  I had some running around to do, but he told me to stay home and focus on what he was calling me to right then. I continued to worship the Lord he showed me visions of what It means to stand in the gap.  WOW!!!  My God called me out today.  It was such an amazing time.  I wish you all could feel and see what I saw today.  Our God is so much bigger then you think.  He  is getting ready to rock this world.  The Flood gates are opening and let it Rain Lord!!!  I know I am not totally describing this right to you, but I just really can't put it into words.  I pray that you will experience GOD like I did.  I pray that you find a quiet moment and hear what he is calling you to do.  I pray that when you are called you listen and obey! I urge you to stop and pray.  Be blessed this week!  Listen to the song below and just take it in.

Michael W. Smith - Let It Rain (LIVE)

Sweet Gift

Image of *exclusive* Capture Life necklace
A picture of my sweet gift! I LOVE IT Cori!

This past weekend was a little hard for me as I am walking through a few things.  But thankful that I serve a  Mighty God that is the same everyday. God knew I needed  something to make me smile! I love gifts! I love to buy gifts for others and let them know how much I love them and what they mean to me.  Well on Sunday at church a very special friend said, "Hi Chela I have something for you." Oh I didn't know what it could be. So exciting! Well she handed me this little box wrapped with a little bow and as I opened it and saw what it was I was so excited and filled with JOY! She bought me a necklace that had a camera on it and I just fell in love.  It made my week! To think that she thought about me and did this for me just was so amazing.  Cori thank you for being such a special friend and for thinking of me! You have no idea what that meant. I love you and pray that you will be blessed this week. Thank you.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting away!

trying out the Razor!

Beth and Hannah

some of the girls

the little camper.

Greg and Noah getting ready for a Big boy ride

Jimmy looking good on his bike.

Hannah and Grandma Cam.

Hannah smiles! Love them.

getting ready for the ride

The men at Pumpkin patch.

Troy! It was great having him with us.

Kim and Karissa enjoying our ride.

Having fun!

That is us up on Shell reef.

Hannah had a lot of fun with her Cousin.

Us! Dirt and all!

Family picture on our last night.

I Love the Desert Sunsets!
This past weekend we got away as a family! It was great.  We took the kids out of school and headed to the desert with some other great families.  We have been so blessed to have met another family that enjoys doing what we do, and it is just so much fun to be with a large group of kids and friends! You are always entertained! So we set up our camp in the same location we were for Thanksgiving.   We all enjoyed three days of riding.  We made some long trips out to Pumpkin patch the kids explored to the store for ice cream and back, and the BIG boys went for some rides.  It was a great break for Jimmy too! It was a great time for him to get a break from work and the same routine of life.  I feel very blessed that we get to do this as a family and meet new friends.  Beth and Jacob joined us for two nights and that was Hannah's first camping trip and it was so fun to have here around! We are hoping to squeeze in one more trip before it gets to warm out there.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Dinner for us this week!

Monday- Wing Stop great food for a football night!

Tuesday- Chipotle Tacos (new Recipe)

Wednesday- 57 Chicken and mashed potatoes and mixed vegis


Friday- Camping

Saturday- Camping

Sunday- Camping

Friday, January 7, 2011

Our room! Organized!

Okay so I shared with you my kitchen, and my living room and my work space.  Now its time to share our room! Just our room.  I am still in the process of working on my closest and the bathroom.  I definitely need the whole month of January to get these things done. Especially when I am still maintaining the rest of the house.  But I do have to admit it is nice that they are organized and the piles of clutter are gone.

I love that our room is romantic and sweet!

Jimmy and Chela! Perfection!

Another view.

This is above our bed! I love kisses!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Favorite 10 pics by Marisela Photography

PhotobucketOver at I should be Folding Laundry the challenge of the week is your 10 favorite of the year.  Well here are mine and this is the first time I have ever entered in one of these so I hope I did it right.  I have enjoyed looking at everyone elses. So fun to see other moms and their talent.

These are ten of my favorite pictures from 2010.  Looking forward to another great year!

Being well grounded.

The other day as I was doing my devotions I was really touched by my devotion.  It challenged me!

47 As for everyone who comes to me and hears my words and puts them into practice, I will show you what they are like. 48 They are like a man building a house, who dug down deep and laid the foundation on rock. When a flood came, the torrent struck that house but could not shake it, because it was well built."

Luke 6:47-48

The Seattle space needle stretches High into the Seattle Skyline some 605 feet. Crazy to think that this building is so tall and in a city that has many earthquakes and it does sway at times, but it is safer then many tall buildings.  While the building process was taking place for this unique buliding. The architects thought that the higher the building is the larger and deeper the base needs to be.  

The Space needle foundation goes in 30 feet deep and and weights 5,850 pounds and has 250 tons of reinforcing steel.  Crazy right? The Seattle space needle withstood an earthquake that was 6.8 and it is not easily swayed when the winds get strong.   

Now take this information and look at spirtually.  How well are you rooted in Christ?  When life throws you some pretty heavy hits, or when you are faced with temptation, or crisis are you easily swayed or are you well grounded and strong and hang on for the ride? If you root yourself in Christs' love and his word and make it part of your daily life you will become so rooted and strong.  Your foundation will go down deep and can stand strong during lifes hardest times. Make sure you are reinforcing your foundation and keeping your eyes on Jesus!  So when those storms do hit you will not be easily swayed or fall to the ground.  Blessings to you all and stay strong and grow and let those roots go down deep!

Chela ...

Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year and New Goals!

*Have my daily quiet time with God.
*Memorize more bible Verses
*Trust in the Lord!
*Pray for my husband and kids daily.
In my Marriage:
*Be an encourager to Jimmy.
*Listen more, and respond slower
*Create a home that is restful and peaceful for him to come home to.
*Pray for his daily routine and the people he works with.
  • Pray protection over him in all that he does.
  • Make more time for just us.
My Kids:
  • Teach them and show them more about God’s love!
  • Be a mommy that is pouring into my kids with life lessons.
  • have creative moments
  • Have a date time with each one twice a month
  • Invest in what they love to do.
  • count to 10 before I react to them.
  • Create a space for them that is warm,
Relationship with Others:
  • Make it a priority to pray for others 
  • Write special notes to those that I pray for.
  • Spend quality time with my friends.
  • Be a friend that listens and always puts others first.
My Business:
  • Stay humble and to always give it back to God!
  • Invest more into learning more about a small Business
  • build my client base
  • Invest in more equipment 
  • Add new things and packages to my business.
  • Learn 10 new things about Photography
  • Get into a networking group
In My Home:
  • Keep it organized and clean
  • Keep the clutter out
  • If I buy something new then I need to get rid of something old!
  • Open my home more and bless those that are around us.
  • Be thankful for what God has blessed us with.
So these are my main goals for the New Year! I sat and really thought about these this past week and looked at my whole life and all that are in it. (God, my husband, kids, family, friends) How Can I better each one of these things in my life.  I am so thankful for a new year and new things,  I am so excited for this year and I feel that God has a lot of amazing opportunities in store for us as a family and for my business.  Can’t wait!!! I will share this Journey with you all!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Dinner Menu for the Williams

Monday: Spaghetti and Garlic Bread Caesar Salad
Tuesday: Chicken tortilla Soup and Tortilla chips
(Crock pot)
Wednesday: Chili Dogs
Thursday: Trip Tip and bakes potatoes and Vegis 
(Crock pot)
Friday: Ballpark pizza Night!
Saturday: In the works

I hope you all have an amazing week of the New Year!

Chela ...