Monday, July 26, 2010


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Okay so I get these all the time in the mail and so today I decided to look through it.  WOW!!!  They have some great coupons that I was so excited about.  One of them I can't wait to use.  It is a free child's admission to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.  They also have great coupons for local restaurant's, and deli's.  A lot of them were for buy one meal get the 2nd for free.  Anyways I just wanted to share my new find and check it out .

Also how many of you get those new coupons at Target???  Well I do all the time.  So last week when I did my shopping I pulled out the coupons from my purse and the ones from the booklet that comes in the mail and found all the ones that I could use.  And guess what I saved $18 with just Target Coupons.  It was awesome!!!  Also you can go to and at the bottom of the page you can see the coupons that they are offering this week and print them right at home (thanks Gina for the tip).    Have fun!!!  We all love a little savings right?

Journaling my thoughts and my journey

Journaling Pic
So today I started a journal.  It has been a while since I have had one of these and I am super excited about it.  I have a prayer journal that I enjoy writing in and I love to look back on it and see what God has done in my life through my prayers, and thoughts to him. I feel like this summer I have been struggling with some things that I never have before.  I see how my life is changing and some days I am overwhelmed with sadness. I hate it!!  So I have decided to start writing down my thoughts, my feelings and what is going on in my heart.  I think that I am just entering a season that I know that I have been before, but I guess I had to go back there again.  So this time I am going to write about this wonderful season and embrace it and see what the Lord has for me in it.  I am so happy with all the amazing things that God is doing in my life.  My photography is taking off and my marriage with my husband is awesome.  I have two beautiful kids that I adore so much.  But I know that there is something else that I need to focus on.  I can't wait to see what that is.  I do know I am on a journey.  A journey to see what the Lord has for me, a journey to see what God does in other peoples lives and how can I be used for him.  I do know this.... I want to serve others, I want to be a servant of the Lord and I just want others to experience God like I have my whole life.

The 4th of July

Well it is Tradition for us to spend the 4th with our church family.  We have been so blessed with an amazing church family and we love to be with them.  We always start off the day with a nice picnic at the park with lots of yummy food and great games for all ages and just a great all around fun time.  Then we all head over to lake to hear the Bridge Band play for the community and hang out at the lake and wait for the Fireworks!!  Always a great time!!  I love that our Church is such a big part of our community.  I am so thankful for for that.

Our vacation with the Nield Family!!!

What a great way to start off our summer vacation!!  On the last day of school Erik and Corrine and the boys flew down from Washington.  The  next day we headed out to Legoland.  Then my Dad from Delaware and my Auntie Dee from Georgia joined us.  So Fun!!!  Then my Sissy and the kids from Mexico got here.  Yeah for fun family time!!!  We had a house full of family and we celebrated.  We had a pool party, we went to the Beach,  one day we spent the whole day At Disneyland!!  It was so much fun!!  I loved having them all here.  What a great way to start off our summer.  I just can't believe how fast it went.  We waited and anticipated their visit for so long and then before you know it. It was over!  I am just so thankful that all the little cousins got to be with each other and spend time together!!  I love you all so much and pray that we can do it again.